EDGELORD is a submission for the UCI VGDC Spring 2017 Game Jam. In EDGELORD, two edgy blacksmiths compete to create the edgiest sword. At the end of the time limit, the sword that takes up more space wins. The swords are even edgy enough to cut each other.


  • Michael Wolf
  • Ben Everett
  • Vincent Chang
  • Harvey Limbo
  • Jake Smith


Move with wasd for player 1 and arrow keys for player 2.

Start forging on one of your edges with shift (left shift for player 1 and right shift for player 2)

While forging, change angle with a and d for player 1 and left and right for player 2

While forging, change length and thickness with w and s for player 1 and up and down for player 2

Press shift again to create more edge

Known bugs in version 1.0:

Music does not loop correctly

Area calculation can bug out if several edges start at the same point

Holding down shift can lock out the other player's inputs


EDGELORD_windows_standalone.zip 23 MB

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